GI Joe: Renegades

“They (Starr & Jeff) care deeply about every theme… every instrument… every note. Their passion for what they do… and how they do it… is truly unique.” – Jeff Kline, Executive Producer G.I. Joe Renegades, Transformers Rescue Bots

“Starr and Jeff made an invaluable contribution to “GI Joe Renegades”. I couldn’t imagine making the show without them and their astonishing abilities.

As the Supervising Director for “GI Joe Renegades” it was imperative that I had someone to work with that could create, compose, and deliver an original score for each episode. But more importantly I wanted someone who could deliver something unique and that would stand out musically from our competition.  

 Starr and Jeff created new and original scores for each main character that helped define their unique and different personalities, as well as created and delivered a score for an episode every week that was filled with drama, comedy, thrills and emotion.  We also worked very closely to make sure that each score helped to pace and drive the storyline.

I was blown away each week with their ability to create such rich and textured scores that elevated the show and added an element to the series that was invaluable.

I felt truly honored to work with such extraordinarily creative and talented composers like Starr and Jeff, and I can’t wait to work with them again.” – Randy Myers, Supervising Director, G.I. Joe Renegades


Executive Producer – Jeff Kline, Animation Producer – Therese Trujillo, Supervising Director – Randall Myers

Starring Jason Marsden, Kevin Michael Richardson & Lee Majors.