The Heart Of Frida

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Chosen by International Radio Broadcasters as ZMR’s Solo Piano Album of The Year this brilliant new music from Starr Parodi is inspired by the life and art of one of history’s most expressive and beloved artists – Frida Kahlo.

Frida was a muse, feminist, lover, survivor and painter who transformed her suffering into transcendental art. Now, her story and imagery are transported into a new dimension with Starr’s cinematic, imaginative and genre bending musical journey The Heart Of Frida.  As with Starr’s “deeply passionate”* iconic “solo piano album of the year”**  Common Places, Starr brings us daring new sonic adventures utilizing her unique ability to create breathtaking melodies, colors and shapes. She creates this music on her beloved and legendary 1928 Steinway grand that once made it’s home on the MGM scoring stage, and on which the Wizard of Oz was recorded.

With The Heart Of Frida, Starr takes us on journeys that explore neo-classical & new age genres and her inviting themes and improvisations reveal deeper insight and nuance with every listen. Oxford Press author & reviewer, Mark Vail writes: “Starr Parodi is one of the most talented and passionate pianists and composers of the 21st century. Her lyrical piano lines and unique chord progressions take unexpected and eloquent turns that keep you enthralled in her music. Her precise and astounding touch is unequalled. With “The Heart Of Frida”, Starr has reaffirmed her position as one of my all-time favorite musicians.”

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“The Heart of Frida,” Parodi’s follow up to her award winning piano album “Common Places,” is rich, textured and beautiful… and the sound of that piano… WOW! This is music that breathes… it’s fresh, challenges the expectations of the ear, and takes you to some very uncommon places. Don’t miss Starr’s incredible arrangements of “When Doves Cry” and “Nights in White Satin.” -David Nevue