The Eighteenth Angel

“I still remember how happy I was when I found Starr & Jeff.  They are the most talented, easiest to work with, and committed composers I know… all rolled up into one.  Their work has always exceeded my expectations… and that’s why I’ve never stopped working with them since.” Joe Nimziki – Creative Director

A cult classic, this gothic darkly ominous apocalyptic thriller with a plot involving a prophecy which proclaims that the return of Satan will be precipitated by the arrival of eighteen physically-perfect angelic beings. Beautifully shot in the Italian countryside this story about a secret sect of Etruscan monks conspire with an obsessed geneticist to artificially manufacture the requisite number of perfect specimens, with the only setback being the lack of a suitably beautiful face for each of the eighteen clones. To complete the equation, the monks devise a plan by which they can obtain faces from unsuspecting “donors.” The last of the potential candidates is lovely model Rachael Leigh Cook who, after a bizarre series of events beginning with her mother’s death, finds herself in the monks’ evil clutches.

Starring Christopher McDonald, Rachel Leigh Cook, Oscar award nominee Stanley Tucci and Oscar award winner Maximillian Schell

Directed by William Bindley and written by David Seltzer, Joe Nimziki – Creative Director


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