Feature Article on The Marriage Of Music & Art (and our contribution to the Laguna Festival Of Arts – Pageant Of The Masters)


A Marriage Made at the Pageant of the Masters

Once again this summer, as dark settles into the Irvine Bowl, home of the Pageant of the Masters, rapt audiences will be mesmerized by tableaux vivants, living pictures in the truest sense of the word.

This year it’s The Art Detective, a thriller created by Diane (Dee) Challis Davy and featuring a script written by Dan Duling. There’ll be reference to art thefts and archeological treasures spirited from ancient civilizations. Art sleuths will train their magnifying glasses on who-done-its involving art and mysteries surrounding figures such as Édouard Manet’s muse, model and fellow artist Victorine Meurent.

“We will delve into art thefts during World War II, Howard Carter and his discovery of King Tut’s tomb and David Hockney’s Secret Knowledge, an exploration of the little-known drawing and painting methods of Dutch and Flemish masters,” says Davy. She also mentions movie posters, a portrait of Charles Dickens, the infamous Jekyll and Hyde and a statue of Sherlock Holmes.

The curtain will rise, the pit orchestra begin to play and the narrator break into his spiel. But first let’s shine a light on how Bill Liston composed the music for Rembrandt’s Night Watch and Starr Parodi and Jeff Eden Fair (a married couple who work collaboratively) wrote just the right music to accompany The Heist, a reenactment of the infamous 1990 robbery at Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum…….

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